Independent Verification and Validation

Project Oversight Corporation adds value through compliance by providing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services to government entities. We use a combination of IEEE, ISO, PMI, ISOC, and IIBA standards as well as Organization Best Practices to ensure that the proper IV&V evaluations. Our main focus is complying with IEEE 1012-2016, which defines all of the IV&V procedures. We have been providing theses services by sub-contracting under Dr. Michael Cox, CEO/President of Information Integration Innovation and Associates, Inc. for the last 13 years. In addition, we are members of the IV&V Institute and have IV&V Professional (IVVP) certified employees.

Code Review

POC has consultants that have the technical expertise to evaluate programming code as well as have the expertise with IEEE 1012.

Reqs Evaluation

POC has experience with complying with IEEE 1012-2016 and has been evaluating requirements for over 15 years.

Procurement Support

POC is currently supporting the  CDFA in procurement of both the Cannabis Licensing and Trace/Trace solutions.

Traceability Analysis

POC has over 15 years of experience tracing regulation to business needs to requirements and through test results.